The days are already flying by before all of our eyes. It's already the middle of the week, where is the time going? The level of talent that I was able to experience at Anthony Meindl Actor's Workshop was amazing. It's always exciting going into a safe, fun, and risky space for artists especially a place to give yourself over to your scene partner and fellow artists. 

Its funny because with a new year, we feel that everything has to be new. Honestly, it's the little changes that happen and when we look back everything has changed drastically. My homework for the week is to take life a little bit slower. I have a habit of going from place to place, but this can cause you to miss all of the beauty in life. I have noticed more beauty in this world by slowing everything down. The silence and taking your time to put out your message is our right as people and there is a lot to learn from the slower moments.  

I'm grateful to continue growing with amazing people and beautiful spirits at the studio and throughout my journey. I'll see you guys on the journey.