"The master has failed more times than the beginner has tried" 

- Stephen McCranie

What is this fear that we have regarding failure? Is it our ego? Is it embarrassment of not being perfect? Is it the shame of not having "success"? Whatever success means to each person. I'm growing to learn that failure is one of the best parts of life. When you get the chance to fail, you get a chance to grow and explore something you never would've tried. I think once we stop failing and trying new events, activities, and life experiences we find ourselves in a stagnant place. This place is the death of creativity and being fearless. If we can try anything regardless of the consequence of feeling embarrassed or a jab at our ego, would you fail a lot more? Over time, we fail so many times that we eventually become amateurs then intermediate and one day we become masters at our craft. So I think we should always look to do an event and take risks to fail. It's the only way we can truly live life freely. See you on the journey and keep exploring.