When do we stop anything in life? Do we hear it from friends? Do we hear it from family? Do we hear it from our inner self? I don't think anyone really knows the truth to that question, but I think if we truly love something then we should always keep doing it. I had a profound conversation with a friend earlier this evening and he's in a dilemma with his journey in life. Some of the people closest to him don't support his journey and his passion. The question is should he quit his desire or keep pursuing it even if it hurts the people closest to him. I think it's a question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. I think if we fight through the initial difficulty then success will come with consistency and discipline. I guess, we shouldn't ever give up on our passions and sometimes if the people closest to us don't give us the support we need then we need to bring ourselves to be around the right people. Just some food for thought. See you guys on the journey!