The theme is love...always through everything we do. I've been coming across a reoccurring theme the past few days and it seems to be love. Whether, it's from friends, artists, teachers, and basically everyone that I get the chance to interact with day in and day out. Love is the common denominator in all of our lives, but for some reason we don't give enough love to each other. I mean in the smallest ways, i.e., letting someone in front of you in traffic, illustrating patience, giving a snack to someone need (we don't know their story, so we must empathize and love each other), or anything else along those lines. Especially, with all of the events in the world, we truly need love now more than ever. Towards our family, friends, world, animals, and more than ever we must love ourselves. We must remain vessels of love to the world. It makes me smile to know that we as people can do that for each other. We just have to always do it for all. Keep loving and I'll see you guys on the journey.