I sat down with a friend the other day and we spoke about expression of art. The chance to do art and what success means when you do art. I find the idea of art beyond interesting. Our role as artists is to express the world as we see it through our eyes and beliefs. There are stories that we want to tell and feel the world should have the opportunity to experience. Art speaks to everyone in the creative process. I truly believe we are all artists and find ourselves in the happiest moments when we get to express. Sometimes we express with other artists and other times with our kids, family, girlfriends, friends, brothers, sisters, coworkers, just name it and ALL of us love that place of creativity. Regardless, of where you are on your journey, the chance to express art is beyond a gift for not just yourself, but always for others. Tell stories, through singing, instruments, painting, acting, photography, fashion, modeling, and any other creative avenue that you want to do. Keep creating on your journey. Much love.