I could start this blog with a very intelligent way to define yoga and make it sound very official, but I have come to find that the true intellect arises through ones own ability to bring their own identity into any work that they do. Yoga is the ability to find your love and enlightenment and bring that enlightenment to others. Yoga is the ability to spread love to others whether it is philia, agape, or an eros type of love. By finding love with oneself then you can truly find love in another person.    

I found that yoga is a means to discovery and exploration. Most importantly, it has been a discovery for myself to constantly explore my boundaries. We are all vessels and we have so many aspects, opinions, views, experiences, and life adventures that make us each who we are in this interesting world. I found through yoga it brings me to a place that I could ground my thoughts and the madness of my life by simply coming to a grounded space. In this space, I discovered mindfulness and the ability to become aware of my thoughts as well as just being. I spend so much time always on the move that through yoga, you find a means to JUST BE. Through the being it takes me to a place of relaxation, light, and love. In my experience, the light and love are the basic means for life. Our lives are truly brought together through this connection of light and love between each other. Once, you find your own light, you are able to bring the light out in others.

The journey of our lives actually begins when we are present and living moment to moment in love and with an open heart. I used to have this deceived idea that there was always something to work towards, I have come to learn that everything we need is right here within all of us and we are all good enough and we can find that by identifying each persons light and love.