With all of the up and rising news in the world, I felt the need to write this post with deep thoughts and a heavy heart. This post is specifically targeted towards the events in Minnesota & Baton Rouge. There needs to be a conversation and I know there is a lot of discussion, but here are some talking points that I would like to wrap my head around. 

1. Anytime an event occurs toward African-Americans it must be acknowledged with every other event that has built up to this point. I mean we have to consider history, looking back to Rodney King and thinking as far back as slavery. Blacks have felt oppressed over the years and would like to feel like they are equal as well. This brings me to point #2. 

2. #Blacklivesmatter is very relevant. The statement means that black lives are just as equal as any other life in this world. It does not mean that black lives are the only ones that are important. All lives are important, but when people feel oppressed they want to have their voices heard. They don't want to be another statistic on social media due to local law enforcement. This brings me to point 3.

3. Law enforcement is an important part of our society. I was pulled over recently and the cop and myself spoke very well to each other and we both moved on. There are good cops and there are bad cops. I watched the video from the recent event and the cops in those moments made those decisions. I can say that if two men are on a man and end up shooting the man in back that doesn't seem right to me. Everything must be done with escalating force and even if the final decision is to shoot then as the trained law enforcement figure you have to be aware of the red, yellow, and green zones to slow down the suspect. In both cases, I can't speak on what the suspects did prior to the event, but if they aren't being cooperative then it's not helping the situation. This brings me to point 4.

4. With the level of anger, frustration, confusion, and constant escalating events in the world, people must be mindful when a police officer approaches them. Specifically, a black man must be mindful when having conversations in today's day and age with the authority. I'm not saying belittle yourself, but we must speak articulately and deliberately or we too could end up in a similar situation. Our voices and bodies reflect who we are, therefore if we come off aggressive then we will get an aggressive response. If we respond in a calm and humble matter then we have a greater chance of receiving calm and humble feedback. This brings me to point 5...our presentation.  

5. When events like this occur, the protests are powerful ways to get our voices heard. We have to look at other avenues to express the situation. Many of the people we want to reach sometimes don't take it seriously and treat it like any other time a black man is killed. We have to be mindful about our response during these events. We have to find the most articulate way to get our message across. Once the message is received then we can volley an open conversation. We are brilliant people. As I say we, I speak in terms of all people, but we lack our ability to love each other. We must all push for the meaning of love behind these events. We have to understand the facts and we have to keep working towards peace because if we don't, well it will lead to more division.  

Light and love to everyone reading this. See ya on the journey.